Covid 19 Stage 2 requirements

We are super excited to be able to open the box following the three day lockdown and look forward to seeing you all back this week.

We all have an important role in reducing the rate of transmission of Covid 19 in our community. There are a number of restrictions and safeguards we currently have in place or will be reintroducing to ensure we all stay healthy, safe and well.

• Members must stay home if they are unwell; have symptoms of Covid 19 (cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and fatigue); suspect that they have been infected with Covid19 (including close contact with a person diagnosed with Covid 19) or been advised by health authorities to self-isolate. If you become unwell, please get tested. This is really important in helping reduce the spread of coronavirus.

• All members must book in for each and every class that they wish to attend. This is not negotiable. No booking, no wodding.
Please book in for the classes you plan to attend each week. If you are unable to attend the class for any reason, please unbook yourself in case someone else is keen to attend. We need to be able to confirm who was at the box at what time in the unlikely event of a Covid concern.

• We are permitted to operate with up to 20 people at the box at all times (this includes athletes, coaches, kids and visitors). A 4 square metre requirement applies per person.

• Physical distancing requirements are also needed. Please keep 1.5m distance between each other. Please reframe from hugs, high fives, first pumps or physical contact with others at the gym. We know!! We're sure we'll be able to do this again soon 🙂

• You will be required to wear a Covid safe mask whilst at the box, including whilst working out. Look at this as a positive. It will help with your breathing and increase your V02 levels.

• Please bring your own towel and water bottle.

• We have individual bags of chalk available for anyone who needs this.

• Please sanitise your hands when you enter the box and practice good hygiene by regularly washing your hands. Please avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.

• The box nominated athlete workout zones still apply. Athletes will be required to clean down their equipment after use including any areas that have been used on the pull up rig.

• The shower and water bubbler will remain in service at this point in time.

• The separate entry and exit points to the box will apply.

• There will be no partnered workouts or sharing of equipment.

• If you are considered as a ‘vulnerable’ person, please let us know so we can determine what additional measures may need to be put in place.

• Contactless payments are the preferred method of payments for drinks and other products.

• We suggest that you sign up to the Covid Safe App. There are a range of signs and posters to remind our members of what is required for us to be covid safe.

Thank you so much for your understanding everyone. We really appreciate your commitment to helping us keep everyone healthy, safe, fit and well and our box clean for us all to continue to use 🙂
15-19 Monigold Place, Dinmore, Qld 4303 (view larger map)