At CrossFit Electrify we have a range of products and services available to assist with your health and fitness needs.

Fitness equipment and products include:
• Recovery drinks
• Foam Rollers
• Gift Vouchers
• Grips, Gloves and Wrist Guards
• Clothing (A range of styles and sizes available)
• Protein Powder and Bars
• Rocktape Products
• A range of other merchandise for all your training needs
• Other fabricated equipment is also available. Please email us with details of what you would like and we will arrange a quote.

Additional services are also available including:
• Corporate and small group fitness sessions
• Individualised food/meal plans
• One-on-one personalised training sessions
• One-on-one personalised mobility/stretching sessions
15-19 Monigold Place, Dinmore, Qld 4303 (view larger map)